Coalition of Five Republican Parties and Organizations

Communique on “Coalition for a Secular Democratic Republic in Iran”

We, five republican parties and organizations: “United Republicans of Iran”, “Iran National Front – Europe”, “The Left Party of Iran (People’s Fadaian)”, “Iranian National Front Organizations – Abroad” and “Solidarity of Republicans of Iran”, hereby, declare that the republican forces have taken one step further in the direction of a stronger form of alliance. The mentioned parties and organizations have been cooperating closely with each other for some time and have taken common standpoints on the important developments in Iran. Now, in view of the critical situation of the country, the movement of “Women, Life, Freedom” and the urgency of transitioning from the Islamic Republic to the establishment of a secular-democratic system of government, they have elevated their present organizational status to a more consolidated stage and have formed Coalition for a Secular and Democratic Republic in Iran.

 To realize this goal, the five political parties and organizations have laid down their standpoints on “the political situation in Iran, the movement of “Women, Life, Freedom” and the fundamental principles of coalition” and are hereby publishing parts of the coalition document under the title of “Standpoints of Coalition” for the information of the public. Our views and standpoints on “Democracy and Republicanism” and the “Standpoints of Coalition” (Coalition Charter) will be presented in a press conference sometime around the beginning of the Iranian New Year.

Secretariat of the “Coalition for Secular, Democratic Republic in Iran”
Contact data:
Tel.  0049-15906605517

The Standpoints of “Coalition for a Secular, Democratic Republic in Iran”
on the Political Situation in the Country and the Movement of “Women, Life, Freedom”
It has been decades that our country, Iran, copes with a deep, chronic and multifaceted crisis, which is a result of the intertwining of the economic, political, social, cultural and environmental problems and has outgrown into a mega-crisis. The Islamic Republic is the root cause of this mega-crisis and it is unable to solve it. This has brought the existence of the country in real danger. The Widespread poverty, growing unemployment, deepening of class difference, the uncontrolled inflation and the suspension of the nuclear deal (JCPOA), has added to the dimension of the crisis.

The Islamic Republic is facing crisis of legitimacy, incapacity, challenges of internal bickering, widespread dissatisfaction of the people and ever-increasing political crisis. Widespread corruption has overwhelmed all organs of the regime. Nevertheless, the Islamic Republic, relying on its military, security-intelligence and propaganda organs and its very limited social base, continues to maintain its rule by suppression.

Apart from the growing internal political, social and economic problems, the Islamic Republic grapples with severe international pressures and paralyzing economic sanctions. Hostile relations between Iran and the U.S and its regional allies, on the one part and the adventuristic, interventionist policy of the Islamic Republic towards other countries, supporting Russia in its war against Ukraine and the brutal repression of the “Women, Life, Freedom” movement, on the other, have all helped in ever growing isolation of the Islamic Republic in the world.

On the background of numerous social cracks, the structural crises and the persistent social-political movements and the massive protests of December 2017 and November 2019, the “Women, Life, Freedom” movement took shape. This movement is against discrimination, humiliation and trampling upon the human dignity of citizens, especially that of women and the regime’s campaign against modern way of life. The movement of “Women, Life, Freedom” spread itself geographically and involved different social layers and strata, strengthened the bond between the ethnic groups of Iran and heightened national solidarity throughout the country. It also activated the Iranians overseas and stimulated broad international solidarity with the movement.

This movement in which women and the youth play a pivotal role has taken a leap for a change in social-political values. It campaigns against the deterring and antiquated values and norms and is bent on altering obsolete family structure, the relationship between the society and power, relationships between different social groups and the relationship of Iran with the world in general. The movement aims at achieving the unfinished social-political renovation of the last two centuries in Iran.

The revolutionary movement of “Women, Life, Freedom” was active in the streets and universities several months, despite widespread apprehensions, imprisonments, tortures and executions. It brought severe blows to the authority and prestige of the Islamic Republic inside and outside Iran. People are no more afraid of repression. The subsidence of the protest actions in the streets and universities does not mean fading of the movement. The movement’s potential is high and protest actions in the universities continue in the form of civil disobedience. The process of self-organization is speeding up and the coalition of trade unions and civil society groups is in the process of taking shape.

With the formation of revolutionary movement, our country has entered into a great archetype of change. This movement has left far-reaching effects in the thoughts, politics, culture and psychology of the Iranian people. There is no doubt that our country will not go back to the period prior to 2023 and it would not be possible to imagine an Iran without the effect and influence of this revolutionary movement.

The movement of “Women, Life, Freedom” has created favorable ballgame for the alliance of the political forces, who aim at structural changes, securing freedom and establishment of democracy. For the democratic and secular republican forces, it is the right opportunity to get active by introducing their platform for democracy and sovereignty of the people of Iran to the public.

After years of negotiation and exchange of view and experiences and in solidarity with the “Women, Life, Freedom” movement, five political parties and organizations: “United Republicans of Iran”, “Iran National Front – Europe”, “The Left Party of Iran (People’s Fadaian)”, “Iranian National Front Organizations – Abroad” and “Solidarity of Republicans of Iran” have decided to form a “Coalition for a Secular, Democratic Republic in Iran”. The commencement of the activity of this Coalition is a step forward to the creation and strengthening of a republican weight in the political arena of Iran.

In the meantime, we are ready to enter concordance with other republican forces. We are committed to dialogue and exchange of views with other political organizations on the basis of democratic principles, commitment to pluralism, political competition, free expression of ideas and the verdict of ballot box.

The political forces signing this document emphasize the importance of connectiveness of different generations of political activists, in order to ensure the most productive outcome of the united performance of the democratic, secular republican forces as well as their effective involvement in the current developments in Iran. We believe that passage from the current intertwined problems of our country is possible by a non-violent transition from the Islamic Republic to a democratic, secular republican political structure, separation of religion and state, their institutional independence from each other and a system of government based on free expression and the will of citizens.

Executive-Political Boards of:
United Republicans of Iran
Iran National Front – Europe
The Left Party of Iran (People’s Fadaian)
Iranian National Front Organizations – Abroad
Solidarity of Republicans of Iran

09 March 2023

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